CSTA-SV meets online on the third Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30PM. We welcome new members and visitors.
- 9/22: Microbit Bee follow up from summer PD (K-12)
- 10/20: Tynker (K-12) Hands-on workshop. Tynker will show us all their new offerings including a few for high school.
- 11/17: WIDS on Data Science: Focus on Middle and High school but elementary teachers welcome with  ideas. 
Presenters/Ideas/Suggestions welcome for the meeting dates below:
- 1/19: 
- 2/16
- 3/16
- 4/20? Should we have an April meeting or move it? What are everyone's spring break dates?
- 5/18: Final meeting for the year.
Meetings are at Gunn High School AND on Zoom. See the community for physical address or meeting link.

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